Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Once Upon a Time Reactions Part 5

Season 4! Lots of heartache here. I wrote the last bit in real time as I watched it happen.

Season 4 Part 1:

I'm really curious how they fit Arendelle into the EF universe and timeline. Elsa was locked away by Rumple (maybe?), so it took place in the ~200 year time span he was Dark One.

They gave Rumple Beast's suit! And Belle in her dress! And the Beauty and the Beast song in piano! Squee!

Good job, episode 1 Season 4. You're already better than most of season 3.

Man. They're just copying the Frozen aesthetic straight up here. The other ones they re-imagined. This one is like live action of the film. I'm not complaining too much - it feels like it fits in with the film rather seamlessly. Maybe this is because the writers went, "Hey, we need this in our show now! Because ratings!"

(I want musical numbers, though. Curse the lack of musical numbers.)

It does create some incongruities, though - why are the trolls here not the trolls who menaced Snow and Charming? Are they a different tribe? Are they like flat head Klingons and ridged brow Klingons? I want to know more about the different troll races!

So far, I like the Anna. The Elsa isn't quite as good - she lacks the outward maturity of her movie version. The dress also feels a little flat on her. Anna's dress was better designed. She has the hair, though.

Well, episode 2 just answered the timeline question. Kristoff and Charming as buddies? That's awesome. Good integration into the lore.

Bo Peep? The hell? That costume is ghastly. I hope one of her guards is named Woody.

And with the parent's deaths when it is, Ariel finding their ship under the sea and that prompting her to take an interest in humans totally works! HEAD CANON DETERMINED.

Oh, god, Henry. Stop opening your mouth. Your dialogue delivery has reached a new low.

"Anna was right. Reason and logic do work on you." Thank you, Kristoff, for succinctly stating why Elsa is one of the best Disney princesses.

"No one checked if it was empty first?" Kristoff is getting a lot of good lines.

Snow Queen's first act? Killing Hans. Okay, so you're definitely a hero. I guess we'll see which of the 32 flavors you are.

"I just push the Emma button and she usually answers." Another good one liner!

Grumpy took the stupid pills this time. Sigh.

Pretty sure the writers are dropping "let it/him/her go" as a meme to deliberately annoy the song haters. Ha ha. Keep it up, guys.

Season 4 is doing very good so far at combining tension - Marian's fate, mystery of Anna and Elsa, Regina's feelings - with lighthearted moments like this. It's already better than season 3. We'll see if it can keep it up.

"You're not the sorcerer."
"No, I'm his apprentice."

LIES. You're not a mouse! And NOW I recognize that hat. Oh, nice reference. Will Nicholas Cage appear?

Okay, now the Sorcerer's Apprentice is a mouse. Nice.

Walking broomstick! Hints of the music! Oh, I'm really enjoying this episode.

Loved the scene with Elsa building the staircase.

Snow Queen puts Elsa in chains? Ties into those Slave Princess Elsa variants.

"I'm going to build a snowman." I am thankful Olaf is not in OUAT.

Emma's learned the Kamehameha! I wonder when she'll get the Spirit Bomb.
The shop owner from Frozen! Wow, they nailed it. The voice and look.

Belle and Anna in the sauna together? Oh, my. (Now, Belle and Elsa in the sauna together? I'd need to go to my bunk for that one.)

I'm sad they couldn't get the original VA for Grand Pabbie. John Rhys-Davies is a good choice, though.

Oof. Nice twist with Belle and Anna. It explains why she was willing to throw herself at Rumple to save the others. And her own insecurities mirrors Rumple's, further explaining the attraction.

Oh! They even use that older guy with the nose from Weaseltown in a flashback! He's just as prone to yell, "Burn the witch!" too.

Robin Hood's "I'm confused!" is getting repetitive. You could just do the royalty thing and have a harem, you know.

Ooo, the origin of the gloves.

Episode 10 is pretty good. Honestly, this entire Frozen arc has been quite good. The mystery of what happened to Anna is interesting. The Snow Queen's twisted desire for family is a nice variant of corrupting obsession. The "Emma's power goes haywire" bit is meh, though, especially when she grabs the idiot ball over it.

"And I sang with you!" Wait. So Disney songs happen in real time? Now I really want OUAT to have a musical number at some point! Maybe get Neil Patrick Harris involved.

Damn it, Hans. Stay dead. But the back and forth between him and Anna is very entertaining.

I love the actress for Anna so much. She's written spot on. I also like how they did Sven. Elsa is warming up to me (ha, pun). I think I've been spoiled by knowing amazing Elsa cosplayers.

Gold becoming more evil is kind of weird this season. I could see it as a way of him reacting to Neil's death. He's lost his son, so now he'll get free no matter what. And screw the people he blames for his death. However, it seems a bit too diabolical at this stage - his marriage to Belle should have softened him a bit. The writers cranked up the evil a bit too much.

I like Regina and Robin more than Snow and Charming, even though they're basically recycling the season 1 subplot. At least they're watchably interesting.

Did they forget the elevator takes 2 people to operate?
That's no snowflake. It's a star! Did not see that one coming.

How many times does the Blue Fairy die in this series? That's two so far.

They keep putting in dalmatians as a visual motif in OUAT. But why only 1 of them? Where are the 100 others?

"Shattered Sight" (ep 11) has just the right mix of humorous reactions and serious moments. The number of one-liners making me chuckle has increased sharply these last few eps, in fact.

Elsa: We need to be careful and take our time.
Anna: Arendel was conquered by Hans.
Elsa: We need to go. NOW.

Uh oh.

Oh no.

Don't do it Belle...

No, Belle...

He just wanted to take over the world, Belle! Nothing wrong with that!

Oh, god. What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

I'm actually tearing up over this.


It's been a long time since a TV show has managed to impact my emotions. I suppose that says that just how well written Rumple and Belle were.

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