Friday, July 28, 2017

God Speed, Mr. Garibaldi

One year ago we lost Jerry Doyle, who portrayed Mr. Garibaldi on Babylon 5, one of my favorite SF television shows.

Here's a reflection on Jerry Doyle by it's creator, JMS, on how he was behind the scenes.


Phrase not to use as your introduction to a comic artist at a con:

"Oh, yeah. Strip for me, baby."

Friday, July 21, 2017


Yale was taking name suggestions for its 2 new residential colleges.

My suggestions? Hogwarts and Ohtori.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Hypocrisy Watch 2017 Part 3

2017 continues to be a banner year for finding hypocrites.


McCarthy's Spicer makes me wish the real Spicer treated the press like that.


"Rule breaking is only bad when someone I disagree with does it!"

"Acting like a decent human being and not a grandstanding jerkface is just letting the oppressors win."

The devolution of American thought proceeds at full speed.


Yes, Democrats. Keep screaming "Scandal, scandal, scandal." That is clearly how the GOP beat Obama in 2012. No, wait...

(I'm not saying there were no scandals then or now, but it has not proven historically effective to harp on them.)


The Wallstreet Journal picking a fight with Pewdiepie reflects that:

1. WSJ is no longer a reputable news source.

2. The reach of the 5th Estate dwarfs the 4th estate by tens of millions.

3. The mainstream media has been back handed into irrelevance by a comedian.

It's so bizarre that a newspaper I used to like and read would fall down into the crapper like that.


The message from the attacks on Milo and Pewdiepie is rather clear: if you refuse to play by the rules of the establishment media corporations, they will ruin you.


When did the Deep State go from conspiracy theory fringe to something even the mainstream media discusses casually like, "Oh, of course that's a real thing. We knew it all along. Didn't you?" Did I miss a sudden shift in the Overton Window?


New therapy for dealing with the overwhelming stupid flooding 2017: listening to various YouTube commentators who are very gifted at being sarcastic, mocking, and incredulous. I don't necessarily have to agree with them, but I am enjoying hearing perspectives from an attitude of, "You are all morons. We are all going to hell. Good lord, this sucks."

On the plus side, it's expanding my insult vocabulary and giving me some new phrases I can use in my writing.


"I know I'm right so I win this argument because you're a bigot!"

This is, intellectually, like a football team walking onto the field declaring themselves the victor, and then refusing to play. I run into it so much and it annoys me. It's an abdication of thought itself.


Listening to some classic Carlin again. I realize my issue with Trump's speaking style isn't that he's "too direct." It's that he's inconsistently direct and euphemistic. He's direct enough to tick off those addicted to euphemisms (which is good - they should be defied), but he still layers on the BS on the really important matters. And it's that second part that annoys me so much.


If someone's peeing on you, you shouldn't let their titles or ideological labels convince you they're not.


Remember kids: speaking out against folks who attack the elderly is the same as defending white supremacy.

The lunatics are running the asylum, as well as running their mouths.


There's a lot of people desperately trying to justify their love of brutality and violent oppression. They WANT to hold a gun to your head and order you around. But they can't admit that. They have to label you, dehumanize you, so they can feel better about unleashing their inner demons.


The fault of the 2016 election? Dworin from Amber.

Everyone knows he invented Trumps.


Given the sheer vehemence of how some folks defend physical assault on the elderly, it makes me wonder how many of those same people abuse their elderly family members? The two behaviors should be highly correlated, since they stem from a fundamental devaluation of human life (a form of sociopathy).

Maybe we should establish a rule that if someone argues that there's nothing wrong with hitting grandparents for disagreeing with you, people should check in on their relatives. Make sure that same person isn't abusing them (emotionally or physically).


There are still people out there arguing that freedom of speech comes attached with a right to a platform. Didn't we settle this matter with the shows that were canceled when their stars said things people didn't like? You have the right to say stupid, obscene, and evil things without threat of physical violence. But that doesn't come with a free mic.

It's why Shia Lebouf can shout down a Nazi and why the bikers for vets can silence the Westboro Baptists with their motorcycles. You're allowed your protest unmolested. But so are the people who disagree with you.

I don't know how people forgot about that so quickly. Seems like only a few years ago this was established pretty well.

Friday, July 14, 2017


Student: "But, sir, what if I get ebola, die, and come back as a zombie?"

Me: "I imagine your grades would improve."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pajamas and Government

Listened to an interesting NPR story about pajamas.

Decades ago, some pajamas caught on fire. Kids died. So, the government required kids PJ'S to be fire resistant.

Manufacturers did so - by adding hazardous chemicals that soak into the skin. They didn't know this, however. It was only after studies that the problem was realized. So, the government banned those chemicals that they had encouraged.

Manufacturers switched to synthetics and other chemicals. However, children with sensitive skin can't wear them. They need untreated 100% cotton PJ's.

Which the government made illegal at the start of it.

A good anecdote for how regulations do not promote actual safety or higher quality of living.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Staying Chaotic Good

Me: My enemies just gave me a wonderful opening to utterly crush them and take everything they love away.

Friend: No, no. Stay good.

Me: But they've played into a plan that wasn't even intended as a plan. They've thrown a clear endgame victory move into my lap when I wasn't even attempting to make one.

Friend: Just let them rot and die on their own.

Me: glasses! They're glowing so hard!

Sometimes staying Chaotic Good is a lot harder than other days.

Friday, July 7, 2017


I once had an entire class who didn't know who Daft Punk was.


Problem solved.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hypocrisy Watch 2017 Part 2

More observations of the hypocrisy running rampant in 2017.


"I'm boycotting this company for supporting Trump! Booyah! Watch my activism!"

"This other guy is a sensitive snowflake for boycotting a company for no good reason! Ha ha!"

If you support boycotting companies to make a political point, understand it works both ways and is an equally valid choice between consumers where they want their money to go. That's part of capitalism.


"Since Nazis abuse freedom of speech, we should revoke it and start banning them from speaking!"

"Yeah, and since ISIS could abuse immigration, we should revoke it and start banning immigrants."

That's the kind of retort I wish would cause people to pause and reflect. But it really just makes them even more intent on being dim.


New trend: "Bias Response Teams" on college campuses. Students can report anything they find offensive and said teams will act to censor it. Sometimes they dispatch police to warn offenders.


Casey Anthony has re-emerged into the public spotlight.

As part of the Women's March. Protesting Trump.

Uh oh. I think 2017 got infected with 2016's weirdness.


Just got unfriended for sharing a news article clarifying and dispelling rumors. Apparently linking to news over hearsay makes me a fascist, too.


Of all the Monkey's Paw wishes out there, the wish to silence one's enemies is perhaps the most common and the most mutually destructive.


"We should make it illegal for people to say you ought to take their freedoms away!"

"So, make it a crime to do what you're doing right now?"

Banning types of speech is such a nasty double edged sword. We seem to have forgotten George Carlin on the matter.


Anyone who advocates restricting free speech is a fascist. Maybe not a Nazi type, but definitely a fascist. Authoritarians always target speech first because it's the marketplace of ideas that threatens their rule the most. Resist the nonsense to "ban certain speech" as soon as you see it.


Dog whistle terms that mean supporting censorship and restricting your free speech rights:

1. Punching down - Implies some types of humor should be outlawed.

2. Hate speech - Implies some thoughts warrant special punishment for having been thought.

3. Yelling fire in a theater - False equivalency to imply that an idea is somehow an agent that will cause violence, rather than people's choices.

This is some of the vocabulary of fascism right now.


Our society today has people who argue that supporting free speech makes you a fascist. Let that stunning bit of horrible sink in.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hypocrisy Watch 2017 Part 1

They say you should keep notes on the way the world changes around you so you can look back. I've decided to start doing that now, as the seething anger on the left threatens to give us the very dictator they're screaming over now.


Under Obama: "People who stress the tenth amendment are racists who want to own slaves!"

Under Trump: "We need the tenth amendment to check and balance his power!"


Hillary Clinton demands Matt Lauer be fired for asking her questions not provided ahead of time and no-one minds. But Conway is suddenly a villain for lambasting the media in much milder terms.


"The 'Muslim ban' unfairly paints all Muslims as the same because of a few bad ones."

"The guy who shot the mosque in Quebec is just like everyone who supports Trump!"

I have literally seen these two things right after each other from the same person.


Unintended consequences: you have segments of the 20-30 something crowd spending money on post cards and travel for protests. Cool, political activity. However, companies that cater to those demographics (Etsy stores, for example) are taking hits. Many of those stores are also owned by the 20-30 something crowd.

An interesting example of the economics of protest. (Not saying good or bad, just that it is.)


Cats are now Nazi symbols, according to anti-Trump protesters. (Per a journalist in the DC area on Twitter.) No one knows why cats are being called Nazi symbols.

Best I can figure is Maus? There's levels of stupid I refuse to try and puzzle out.


Some guy said I knew nothing of ANTIFA because I described them as self-righteous thugs prone to beating anyone they didn't like. Well, at Berkley (2/1/17), a bunch of ANTIFA folks went on a rampage beating up anyone they didn't like and starting fires. I feel good for having my point proven, but bad that people suffered.


In Trump's America, news fakes you.


If someone expresses wrongthink, punching them in the face is double plus good.

ANTIFAS has always been at war with Eurasia.


If ANTIFA brown shirt goons punch you in the face, do what Captain Mal would do:

Kick them into an engine turbine and ask their friend if they'd like to be next.

(Pretty floral bonnet optional.)