Monday, July 3, 2017

Hypocrisy Watch 2017 Part 1

They say you should keep notes on the way the world changes around you so you can look back. I've decided to start doing that now, as the seething anger on the left threatens to give us the very dictator they're screaming over now.


Under Obama: "People who stress the tenth amendment are racists who want to own slaves!"

Under Trump: "We need the tenth amendment to check and balance his power!"


Hillary Clinton demands Matt Lauer be fired for asking her questions not provided ahead of time and no-one minds. But Conway is suddenly a villain for lambasting the media in much milder terms.


"The 'Muslim ban' unfairly paints all Muslims as the same because of a few bad ones."

"The guy who shot the mosque in Quebec is just like everyone who supports Trump!"

I have literally seen these two things right after each other from the same person.


Unintended consequences: you have segments of the 20-30 something crowd spending money on post cards and travel for protests. Cool, political activity. However, companies that cater to those demographics (Etsy stores, for example) are taking hits. Many of those stores are also owned by the 20-30 something crowd.

An interesting example of the economics of protest. (Not saying good or bad, just that it is.)


Cats are now Nazi symbols, according to anti-Trump protesters. (Per a journalist in the DC area on Twitter.) No one knows why cats are being called Nazi symbols.

Best I can figure is Maus? There's levels of stupid I refuse to try and puzzle out.


Some guy said I knew nothing of ANTIFA because I described them as self-righteous thugs prone to beating anyone they didn't like. Well, at Berkley (2/1/17), a bunch of ANTIFA folks went on a rampage beating up anyone they didn't like and starting fires. I feel good for having my point proven, but bad that people suffered.


In Trump's America, news fakes you.


If someone expresses wrongthink, punching them in the face is double plus good.

ANTIFAS has always been at war with Eurasia.


If ANTIFA brown shirt goons punch you in the face, do what Captain Mal would do:

Kick them into an engine turbine and ask their friend if they'd like to be next.

(Pretty floral bonnet optional.)

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