Monday, April 3, 2017

One Punch Man vs. DBZ

Saitama would defeat Goku in a fight, serious or sparring. Why? Because the whole POINT of Saitama is that he is physically stronger than any regular shounen hero. And Goku is the archetypal shounen hero.

It's more interesting to think of other ways Saitama could be defeated. He's not particularly smart, so he can be out maneuvered and probably manipulated. Light, Lelouch, Yugi, and Gendo could all either defeat him or use him to their own ends. A powerful non-physical foe would do well, such as ghosts. The list goes on.

But, no, most of the DBZ cast loses hard to Saitama. Maybe Buu, but his regeneration has limits and he'd eventually get splattered to the point of disintegration.

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